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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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(avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we'll talk about the temperatures being pretty nice this weekend. >> good morning. friday july 29th. >> mark is standing behind that weather pushing it out. >> gradually, we'll import the fog? i was looking at the moon. you want to guess the
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percentage full? >> it's not a quarter. >> i was going to say a quarter. >> just to be pre sykes i had to -- precise, i had to look it up, 22% full. >> yeah, we were close. >> now, air quality, that's been an issue all week long. a spare the air alert issued. fifth day in a row to give you an idea of how the weather pattern has not changed in the past few days but improving conditions. unhealthy for sensitive groups in the east bay and smoke moving in from the fires burning in in monterey county, especially in the south bay. that haze could be a factor once again. here is the plan for today, this morning, areas of fog out there. this afternoon, cool coast, hot inland. temperatures, still a big temperature range, still triple digits to talk about but we are beginning to back off on those numbers. so these inland numbers coming down, not a lot but 2 to 4
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degrees why yesterday's readings. san jose, 85. oakland, 74. the beaches, the weather story has been chilly all week long for the coast towards pacifica, half moon day and stinson beach. more about that cooling weekend forecast in a few minutes. sal is standing by with an update on the roadways. good morning, sal. >> i'm such an idiot. i put a piece of apple in my mouth. >> i can put about three more temperatures. >> you want us to keep talking. >> sometimes, i amaze myself. now it's gone. >> good. >> let's go to the vacaville area and talk about the solano super commute. traffic is off to a good start. sometimes, on try day, woo do get lighter than usual commute. no slow traffic here. occasionally, we do have
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problems. no one his a big jam heat ha heading -- heading to the cornelia junction. if you are driving in san jose, north bound 280 traffic is looking good, getting off to highway 17. 4:33. let's go back to the desk. >> there it is. the democratic national convention is now over after hillary clinton official hi accepted her party's nomination for president last night. reactions pouring in this morning about her historic speech. caroline shively joining us live now with more from washington, d.c. good morning, caroline. >> good morning to you, dave. republican officials are not impressed but democrats are amped after hillary clinton's speech at the democratic national convention. >> our next president, hillary
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clinton. >> chelsea clinton introduces her mother, hillary clinton in a heart warming speech. before the former secretary of state made history by formally accepting the democratic nomination for president. >> so, my friends, it is with humility, determination and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> democrats are praising the speech for laying a clear path forward. >> she touched all the bases. >> she was specific on her policies in a way her opponent was not. >> but at a rally last night, drummed slammed the convention for being too positive. >> i'm watching. everything is hunky dory, everything is wonderful. they are not talking about isis. >> clinton attacked the republican nominee saying he would not be able to handle the pressure of the presidency? >> you really think that donald
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trump has the temperament to be commander in chief? he can't even handle the rough and tumble of a presidential campaign. >> reporter: clinton and trump face off in september in the first of a presidential debate. we can only imagine the fireworks. >> now, one of the performers at the presidential campaign, katy perry. she also told the crowd that both of her parents are republican bus she plans to vote for hillary clinton. she encouraged people to go out and vote saying, quote, on november 8th, you will be just as powerful as any nra lobbyists and will haves much to say as any any billionaire.
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>> we'll have complete video of hillary clinton's speech, blogs, pictures and moments you did not see. we are following breaking news in the east bay. a brush fire broke out near train tracks in oakland. looks like firefighters are putting some water on it, examining the fire this morning. we are hearing reports that train service has been halted as well. now, our ktvu's christien kafton just arrived on scene. what can you tell us. >> we were spotting this fire as we drove down 880. we are right near 880 and hyde street. firefighters are working on what appears to be an industrial area. i i don't know if you can see the area. you can see corrugated buildings, or structure. firefighters are working to put a lot of water on this to keep it from spreading. to keep a sense of where this
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is, this is near high street and 880. there is a train track in this area. firefighters are trying to make sure that no trains come through the area to make sure that area is safe for them to put out this fire. it does appear to be an industrial area. as you can see, firefighters are making their way underneath the structure. at this point, it's unclear what the struck our is. we can tell you there is corrugated tin in the area here. a structure made of corrugated tin. it appears timber was burning. it seems to be a wash or small area maybe for access. we are hoping to talk to firefighters about what exactly seems to have happened here, maybe how this fire started because, at this point, there is no real clear obvious source of ignition. unless there were people underthere. we'll see if we can talk to firefighters later on to see
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how this fire may have started. firefighters do have a pretty good handle on it, it appears at this point. there does not appear to be any danger of the fire spreading. this is an industrial area, not a residential area, so that's good news. we don't know if anybody was injured or has deceased -- has died from the fire. we'll talk to firefight, to see if they know anything. again, we just arrived on scene four or five minutes ago. firefighters arrived maybe two minutes before that. it's a very, very fresh scene going on here and working fire as we speak. >> christien, we understand this is near train tracks as well. can you see the trains halted. we mentioned that some of the trains were stopped because of this fire in. >> to give you a sense, this bidding here is at my back. the train tracks are about 30 or 40 feet in this direction. you can't really see them from this vantage point but there is
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train tracks in that area. we did see firefighters again putting flares out to make sure that trains don't move through the area. we heard some radio traffic. i have been saying they want us to suspend train traffic through the yair to make sure they didn't have to deal with trains coming through in terms of fighting fires. >> thank you, christien. time is 4:39. the alameda county sheriff office has recovered one of the trailers that was stolen in san leandro. the trailer seen here was recovered in oakland. the $50,000 refrigerated trailer is used for activities including a project to grow vegetables on donated lots. a tip led sheriff deputies last night to a place that looks like a den for stolen items. police found other trailers suspected to have been stolen as well. two people were arrested while another person is on the loose. san leandro police say that good samaritan was trying to
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stop a man who wanted to kidnap a woman on her way to work. the would-be kidnapper jumped out of his car, knocked the woman down, knocked her down, doused her with pepper spray and tried to drag her into his car. >> he said he was going to do something and was looking for the right victim. >> a good samaritan who was driving by jumped out of his car and saved the young woman despite being pepper sprayed himself. the suspect trove off in a late nissan four-during sedan with silver spoke wheels and tainted windows. he is described as an african men 5'10", weighs between 165 to 1180 1 -- 180 pounds
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friends of 26-year-old joshua mejia described him as having a warm soul who touched many lives. police say that shooting started with an altercation outside of a bar. the argument appeared to be ending when someone in a black bmw fired shots. the prayer service will start at 10:00 this morning at gary and largo. police in modesto say that an offduty police officer shot and wound add man with a knife outside of a costco. the 61-year-old man walked into the store where more than 300 people were shopping. one customer came face to face with that suspect. >> he had one glove on with a knife in his hand. he was walking around. he looked really confused. i don't know what his deal was. he was like, people got close to him, he was pointing the knife towards them. >> the offduty officer then shot the suspect outsite store when he would not put down
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theknife. the suspect is in critical condition. a man is under arrest suspected of shooting at an oakland police sergeant last weekend. his name still has not been released. oakland police say that he shot at sergeant nadia clark while trapped in her suv after a traffic collision. as for a motive, the suspect may have been inspired by the antipolice sentiments seen in the recent killings of police officers in dallas and baton rouge. >> he did make some statement -- statements that make me feel like that was inspired by the sent. around the country. >> for safety, two officers
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will be riding at a time but police sergeants will be riding by themselves while coming to a crime scene like she was. and there were some requirements listed like having a min palm of ten years experience but the ad did not go into detail about the police department's recent problems including reform efforts because of racist text message allegations and also a possible sex scandal connection. the police commission called the posting a first draft and they are working on a new ad. time is 4:43. still ahead, a police officer denied service at mcdonald's. coming up in 20 minutes, why one worker refused to helped officer and his family and the action taken by the fast food chain. and, first, breaking barriers is up next. the factory opening up today and what elon mike huckabee will be -- what elon musk will
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. today is an opening day for tesla. >> tesla ceo elon musk says that company will revolutionize car batteries. >> also happening today, this is a day where you wish you had smell avision. >> yeah. >> the smell of the stinking rose will be in the air as the gilroy garlic festival will begin. there will be everything from
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fries to calamari and ice cream. >> i'm in? there will be cooking contest, live entertainments, arts, craft, wine tasting. and did we mention garlic? >> yes. >> it runs through sunday. >> another pub crawl planned for pokemon go fans. let's go to a pokemon go pub crawl. today's crawl will take players to several bars or poke stops with various lures starting along the way. the event goes until 11:00 tonight. >> time is 4:47. guess what? the 90s are back on mtv. the channel will be rebranding its vh-1 classic channel as t tv classic focusing on the 90s and early 2000. in addition full season marathons of the real world, road rules and laguna beach, they will feature prime time
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programming blocks, including episodes of cribs -- remember that? >> yes. >> punked and other shows. unplugged episodes that have not aired in years will be rerun. it debuts august 1st, 35 years to the day of mtv's debut. facebook has agreed to start accepting refund requests for app purchases made by minors as part of a settlement i proved by a federal court. they also agreed to put together a team of employees to handling those requests. >> going back to the mtv thing, a lot of memories. >> of course. >> trl, oh, my goodness. >> do i want to remember that? >> yes, you do. >> 4:48 is the time, sal. remember those days? >> i do. >> yeah. >> i do remember a lot, friends, because i'm old. >> no, you're not old. >> steve is not here to do his
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old man voice so i'll do it for him. let's go out and look at the commute. does look pretty good as you drive through the area. leitchlivermore to tracy. traffic is not bad here. let's move to live pictures. traffic on the golden gate bridge here. fog. northbound 280 traffic is looking good. now 4:49. >> i was driving yoament last week and listening to throwback stations that seem just like a few years ago. >> i agree >> i know. tell me about it. >> that's what happens with each passing day. >> weather wise today, we are talking about the cooler temperatures especially inland.
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still talking about 100 degrees. but gradually, we are taking that edge off there, that extreme heat. it's been a very hot week, as you know. temperatures inland close to 100 degrees. that will be the case for today. there will be bigger changes by the weekend. fog hanging out near the coast line and pushing locally bang into the bay. current numbers, san jose, 62. livermore, 67 degrees and 50s towards santa rosa, napa and novato. a bit of a wind out there as well. there is fairfield. that's sustained, 21 miles per hour, that's the cooling wind direction towards the delta and that will be the days for today for places like fairfield. sfo, winds out of the northwest checking in at 12 miles per hour. doesn't this graphic just smell yummy? >> you can see the garlic festival. temperatures on track to reach the mid-90s. today will be the hottest day of the festival, always fun in gilroy. some of that smoke burning will
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be approaching parts of the south bay there will be some haze in the air and gilroy, morgan hill, san jose as well. even a chance in the east bay as well. this area of high pressure still in command of our weather but it begins to back off a little bit. inland neighborhoods, warmest location, instead of 104, we are thinking right around 100 and 101. minor cooling but temperatures will drop as we head into the weekend, especially sunday as the weather system moves to the north. it will increase the dept of marine layer. you can see the fog hanging at the shore line. the doll lowers do reflect the hot and cooler air. fairfield with that delta breeze kicking off will cool things down. here is a look ahead at your five-day. temperatures do cool off a little pit into -- actually
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quite a bit into the weekend. by sunday, warmest locations in land only in the lower 90s. that cooling trend will continue into early next week. i know that steve paulson has a lot of good sayings, but one my faith is he bows to the west wind. >> yes, he does say that. >> thank you, mark. a happy reunion between that florida therapist who was shot trying to protect his autistic patient. we'll take you to that private meeting and tell you about how it brought happiness to one hospital room. and a soldout crowd for an exhibition soccer game at san jose's stadium. the historic game that attracted fans from all around the country.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. look at this. three rare sumatran tiger cubs were introduced at the san diego zoo. zookeepers decide that had kathy, debbie and nelson are now ready to move to a bigger area and they explored their big new world as their mom was closely watching everything. >> there are less than 350 sumatran tigers in the world. the en database erred species could be ex--- the entire
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species to be extinct in the native sumatra. 30 people were stung yesterday in coronado by stingray. 35. stingrays show up along the coast when the weather warms up. they are flat bodied fish that are shy, and hide in the sand. but if you disturb them, they can sting. big night last night for soccer fans. san jose's stadium was sold out for major league soccer's all- star game. 18,000 strong filled the stadium and watched the mls all- star team play against england
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arsenal, first all-star game played here. home team in blue and arsenal in red. >> came from new jersey to be here, spent a lot of money to be here. i am super excited. >> it's different from anything else that happens here in the u.s. hockey, baseball, football usually. >> there it goes. >> don't talk to me, i'm watching the game. >> final score, by the way, arsenal over mls 2-1. >> a shooting turned deadly in the south bay. we have some live pictures to show you coming up at 5:00. and look at the live scene. an investigation is underway right now. we'll tell you about the search for a shooter. and the democratic national convention officially wraps up. the historic night for hillary clinton has the country gets ready for the general election. looking at the east bay
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commute, macarthur maze, all coming together. not bad. and it's friday. weekend almost here. we are talking about a little bit of a drop off. close to 100 degrees inland. but cooling expected as we head into your week.
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good morning. shots fired at two san diego police officers overnight. one was killed and the other injured. we have the latest search for the suspect. >> this is the mess left behind after the democratic national convention wound to a close last night. i'm doug luzader in philadelphia. the race for the white house coming up. good morning, everybody. we are following breaking news in san jose. right now, as you can see, it is an active police investigation underway after this deadly shooting. these are live pictures from the scene south of downtown. coming up in two minutes, you can see that right car in the middle of the screen. we'll tell you how that car was involved. welcome back back to mornings on 2. it is friday, july 29th. i'm brian flores in for pam cook. >> and i'm


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